The Current Trend in the Zimbabwean Educational System and Its Impact on Emotional, Social and Economical Life of the Teachers and Students.

V. Oyedele, W. Chikwature


This paper is a report of the outcome of a research study that was carried out in Manicaland, Mashonaland and Matabeleland provinces in Zimbabwe to assess the impact of the current trend in the educational system on emotional, social and economic life of both the teachers and the students in schools. The research design was a mixed method and was of descriptive survey type. The respondents were four hundred and fifty students, fifty teachers and eighteen student –trainee teachers purposively selected from nine schools. Questionnaire and Interview were the research instruments used to gather data for the study. The data obtained were analysed using SPSS Computer analysis for descriptive statistics. From the results gathered most teachers indicated that low pay and lack of a lucrative remunerations package that lead to most of them resorted to other forms of informal trade, students indicated that due to the lack of teachers most of them are nervous and uncertain about their educational future and most of them resent the teaching profession, while trainee teachers from both Teachers’ colleges and the Universities indicated that they have no intensions of teaching in Zimbabwe.

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