3D Fetal Surface Reconstruction based on Image Processing Techniques

Zaid Kraitem, Dr. Mariam Saii


The research offers an innovative way to represent the fetus in three-dimensions. This is done by transferring scan fetus video to a series of grayscale images. Each image processed individually in order to obtain binary image represents a fetus object. Although the ultrasound image segmentation is difficult, but we were finding two ways to isolate the fetal region of the image. First we improve the contrast and enhance the edges.  After that we extract the fetal area by applying Region Growing algorithm, or using Thresholding followed by Morphological operations. Before the final step, we apply the Edge Refining to the resulted binary images. Then we get the three-dimensional formation of surface through overlaying the resulting images on top of each other. This paper is important because it helps doctor to detect potential abnormalities or in estimation the gender of fetus.

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