Design Analysis of Photovoltaic (Cell, Module, Array) By Using Matlab/Simulink

P. Simhachalam


: This paper proposes a generalized model of the photovoltaic cell in Mat lab-Simulink. This proposed model is based on basic mathematical equation of solar photovoltaic cell. The PV modules have non-linear output characteristics. The output I-V and P-V characteristics of photovoltaic cell are depend on sunlight irradiance and cell temperature. The model can be used to extract the physical parameters for a given solar PV cell as a function of temperature and solar radiation. There are number of models available in literature using different software platforms. This simulation modal is very simple and user friendly. The simulation result under MATLAB/SIMULINK shows performance and dynamic behaviour of the given photovoltaic module. 

Keywords: Photovoltaic, Simulation, Monitoring, MATLAB. 

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