Using Cross Domains Based Firewall Optimization for Enabling Security and Privacy Preserving

S.G. Keerthana, S. Vijayanand, J.Partha Sarathy


: Network securityis usually protected by a firewall, which checks both incoming and outgoing packets against a set of defined policies or rules. Hence, the overall performance of the firewall generally depends on its rule management. The performance can be decreased when there are firewall rule anomalies occurred. The anomalies may happen when two sets of firewall rules are overlapped or their decision parts are both an acceptance and a denial simultaneously. Firewall optimization focuses on either intra-firewall or inter-firewall optimization within one administrative domain where the privacy of the firewall policies is not a concern. To explore Inter-firewall optimization across various administrative domains for the first time. The key technical challenge is that firewall policies cannot be shared across domains and the encrypted form of policies can be shared using cooperative encryption technique. Because a firewall policy contains confidential information and even potential security holes, which can be exploited by attackers. Inter-firewall redundant rule overcome the prior problem and enable the Inter-firewall optimization across administrative domains using redundancy removal algorithm. Also propose the first cross-domain cooperative firewall (CDCF) policy optimization protocol. The optimization process involves cooperative computation between the two firewalls without any party disclosing its policy to the other.


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