Assess The Knowledge on Hazards of Plastic Use among Adolescents in Vinayaka Mission’s Arts and Science College, Salem

Dr. (Mrs.) S. Ph.D. (N) Malathi


A descriptive cross sectional study was undertaken to assess the knowledge on hazards of plastic use among adolescents in Vinayaka missions arts and science college, Salem”. 50 adolescents were selected by simple random sampling technique and data was collected by using structured questionnaire. The demographic characteristic of adolescences reveals that highest percentage of adolescents were belonged to the age group of 14-15years (38%), female (84%) and Hindu (56%), similar percentage (50% each) of them were from nuclear family.  Further 48% of them had the family monthly income of Rs.3001-5000 and 32% of them had information from friends and family members. Area wise and overall distribution of Mean, SD and Mean percentage of the knowledge scores shows that out of 3 areas highest mean score was 2.4±16.7 which is 51% of them had average knowledge hazards of plastic use

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