Ferrocement and Its Application in Water Resource Department (Wrd)

Arti R. Khandelwal, S.S. Deshmukh


: Maharashtra recently faced the draught situation in many districts. The groundwater level is reducing every year. Small dams on small natural nallas can recharge the groundwater thereby elevating the water table. Such crash program is being implemented by Government of Maharashtra and the success is seen now. Ferrocement Technology is looked upon as an alternative to traditional and most conventional concrete structures and is studied in detail in the present study. It’s methodology along with its versatile application in Water Resources Department for the construction of Bandharas is the subject matter and is explained in the following study. There are numerous benefits of Ferrocement technology over the conventional methods of construction due to inherent properties of Ferrocement like thin wall construction, adaptability to any shape, ease in giving any shape etc. One case study has been detailed out giving an idea of the cost and timelines associated with the conventional method of constructing of bandharas and similar structure built at different location is proposed to be constructed using Ferrocement Technology to exhibit the benefits associated with Ferrocement.

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