A Fast Approach to Improve the Security of Range Amalgamate Queries

V. K. Shanmuga Priya, G. Mahalakshmi


- Admin can be used to login and registration process can held on the registration form. Tthe user if the registered user can entered again OTP does not generated if the user entry is new means code can be send into his or her gmail account based on these way security can be improved. Accurate solution has to be provided in big data environment using hierarchical diffusion algorithm for partitioning the  amalgamate queries. Datum which can be distributed  into many form and then create a  advanced assessment can be construct if any inquiry appear it  achieve solution can be access exactly by encapsulate narrow estimate from all distribution using hierarchical diffusion algorithm .Conclusion  can be originate detailed form. It  run in heterogeneous environment. Range amalgamate queries produce result directly and reduced. Enormous amount of time consumption and produce result efficiently using this hierarchical diffusion algorithm and then k-means clustering algorithm can be used for clustering process .By using this k-means clustering algorithm to cluster the partitioned data into a estimate form. If any query arrives from user data can be provided by this estimate. In this way also used to improve fastness and provide a result efficiently in big data environment.AES algorithm can be used for improving security. Performance which can be evaluated and then generate the result .Result has to be encrypted and  then uploaded and then using AES algorithm to decrypt the data and downloaded the data. Based on these way security and then fastness can be improved in big data environment.

Keywords: Advance Encryption Algorithm (AES), Datum, Hierarchical Diffusion Algorithm (HDA).

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