Comparison On Mechanical Properties Of Microwave Cured Polypropylene Composites Reinforced With Hemp With Compression Moulding Technique.

Abhisek Mitra, Prag Sharma, Abhishek Singh Jatav


In this research polypropylene was reinforced with short fibres of hemp. The composites were cured with microwave moulding technique and compression moulding. The parameters considered were different fibre content in both the manufacturing technique. In case of microwave technique power output was also considered as a parameter to observe the mechanical properties at different power output. After the composites were manufactured tensile and compressive strength were conducted on the samples cured by both the technique. The improvement in the mechanical properties of  compression moulding samples were better than the microwave cured samples but time of manufacturing was much reduced in case of microwave technique. FESEM tests were conducted to know the reason of failure. It was observed that the bonding between the hemp and polypropylene was better in case of compression moulding technique and the blowholes were more in microwave cured samples.  The results are discussed in the paper and it concludes.

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