Reduction of Total Hardness of Water Using Phyllanthus emblica

Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj, Punnet Mishra, Arvind Sharma, Dinesh Uchchariya


by boiling but the permanent hardness of water cannot be removed by boiling only. The permanent hardness is due to the presence of chlorides and sulphates of Magnesium and Calcium and it cannot be removed by just boiling. According to the United States Geological Survey ,the water sample having hardness above 180 mg/l is classified as very hard water and it has its own implications . Phyllanthus emblica,or Indian gooseberry can help to reduce the hardness of the water sample .The present study aims to reduce the hardness of the water sample by using Phyllanthus emblica, as absorbent at different concentrations and different contact times .

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