Natural Eye Computer Interaction

Shubham Bangad, Ajay Dilwale, Manasi Tondulkar, Shubham Baviskar


This paper proposes a new system which uses human eye for computer interaction. With the development in recent technologies, modern computing systems are becoming more and more powerful. Modern computers are capable of processing millions of instructions per second. In such a scenario, traditional input devices such as mouse or keyboard are relatively slow. This can be resolved by human interaction with the computers. with the innovation and development in technologies, sensors are capable of capturing positions and natural movement of human body.  Due to this a new way for interacting with computers is enabled. Hence based on this concept, we propose a system, which is planned to be deployed as a rapid and hands-free communication system. The system uses eye gestures that are crucial in designing a powerful, intuitive, and ultimately helpful user interface. The system would be capable of capturing eyeball movements using live camera feed, wherein the eyeball tracking is responsible for controlling the cursor. The system processes the data from the camera feed, and calibrates the parameter interfaces in accordance to the user. The system then performs computer vision related algorithms to determine the location of the users pupils and eyeballs so as to implement Natural eye-computer Interaction.

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