An New Improved GPSR (I-GPSR) Routing Protocol For VANET

Sandeep Kaur, Kamaljit Kaur


In the whole world the numbers of automobiles are increasing day by day therefore lot of problems occurring on roads such as road accidents, less control on traffic etc. To overcome these problems intelligent technologies are introduced for maintaining the traffic. The VANET is best technology which gives the idea of communication between vehicles. A vehicle in VANET is considered to be an intelligent mobile node capable of communicating with its neighbors and other vehicles in the network. This paper proposed an improved GPSR routing protocol which controls network congestion based on orientation and speed of vehicles. All parameters are tested on platform NS2. From the results, it is analyzed that improved GPSR in vehicle’s environment has lower packet loss rate, high throughput, less network load and less time delay. In this paper, we firstly make an introduction on stateless routing based GPSR routing protocol, E-GPSR, and then introduced an improved GPSR. The analysis of its performance proves that the enhanced GPSR routing protocol in vehicles environment has lower power packet loss rate and less time delay than the traditional GPSR routing protocol


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