Performance of CrN/TiN Coated On High Speed Steel

Vikram S, Prakash R. S


Surface modification by means of thin film deposition is an important industrial process used to protect base materials against wear, fatigue, corrosion and many other surface related damage phenomenon. Thin hard coatings such as TiN, CrN, and TiAlN have been accepted particularly in the cutting and forming tool industries. TiN and TiAlN coating widely used for dry cutting operations due to its high hardness. Especially, CrN coatings have been used to forming tool dies for its hardness and corrosion resistance. Tool steels are supplied with heat treated state, generally hardened and tempered to provide for particularapplication. Tool dies are precision products whose final shape and dimensions are important in micron level accuracy for production of parts. The tool steels have different machinability which varies with the chemical composition and microstructure of steels.
The objective of this project is to optimize the thickness of coat CrN on 6959 steel die components by using response surface methodology (RSM).It is very essential to substantiate the role of different sputtering conditions for achieve desired microstructural properties. The microstructural characteristics of thin film are effectively governed by sputtering parameters. The characterization of coating is to be examined by using X-rays diffraction method (XRD), scratch tester, pin on disc and microhardness tester.

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