Victim Profiles: Factors to Crime Victimization

Janice Paras Milo


:  This study presents the state of crime victimization in Baguio City by looking into the victims’ profiles from the local police records. It covered 22, 237 cases of index and non-index crimes from January to December of 2012 and 2013 as well as from January to April of 2014. Through data mining, the collated data were grouped according to age, gender, marital status, and occupation. These were analyzed with regard to their impact to the status of victimization in the City. Most victims were found to be young adults with the age bracket of 20 to 39, mostly males, and married. Profiling victims should be maintained by the law enforcement agencies which will be one of the bases of crafting strategies and programs to curtail victimization. Furthermore, the constituents of the community, either in the private or public sectors should initiate individual and collaborative efforts to counter victimizations as they combat various crimes.

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