GCloud Service Reliability for EaaS in a Hybrid Cloud –Survey

Sylvia Grace J, Meera Gandhi .G


GREEN CLOUD COMPUTING also called Green Technology(GCloud), is  the environmentally responsible use of computers and related resources which features on Green use, Green disposal, Green design, Green manufacturing. Green Cloud Computing is the next big step in the internet's Era, which can provides everything to people as a Service(EaaS), whenever and wherever they want, for many applications, apparently   it is reshaping IT processes and marketplace. Usage of Hybrid  Green Clouds enhance the functioning of IT sectors. Hybrid GClouds couple the scalability offered by public Clouds with the greater control supplied by private ones. A (hybrid) Cloud broker acting as an intermediary between users and With the increasing growth of large data storage and computational demand, Green Cloud Computing is known to be a broad area and hot field for research. To capitalize various IT resources, Green Cloud computing has produced an ultimate and impressing way to virtualize servers and data centers and to make energy efficient. The IT resources consume huge amounts of power and energy, which in turn produces shortage in energy and change in global climate. Therefore, there is a need of Green cloud computing which can produce solutions that can not only make the IT resources energy efficient but also minimize the operational costs. To solve environment related issues in the field of IT, Green IT is named to be an important step. It includes a huge number of focus areas for instance to provide proper management of power, virtualization of servers, design of data centers, recycling methods, eco-labeling, environment sustainability design and energy efficient resources etc. In this review firstly, a brief discussion on Hybrid Green cloud computing, Eaas or XaaS or *aaS(Everything as a Service),Resource broker Management(Monitoring as a Service , Communication as a Service , consistency as a Service ) and Scheduling in Resource broker management system. As proposed this work  investigates all of them to achieve a complete picture about cloud service reliability for a Green Hybrid cloud. Automata Theory, Queuing Theory and Graph Theory are mainly used here to model ,evaluate the cloud service reliability.

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