Anti-Oxidant and Membrane Stability Studies in Tinospora cordifolia

Bhagyasree J. M, Muralidhar. S. Talkad, Hrishikeshavan. H. J


Tinospora cordifolia plant extracts were selected for this study to establish Anti oxidant and membrane stability activities, with estimation of total phenolic content (TPC), antioxidant (AOA) and their total flavanoid content (TFC), the DPPH (1, 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl radical) screening assay and DNA Nicking Assay . The amount of TPC varied from 15.42 mg/g gallic acid in Tinospora cordifolia.  It also showed high TFC (30.40μg/mg) and high AOA (82.50%), DPPH:  IC50 were 30.40μg/ml. In membrane stability assay Tinospora cordifolia revealed at the dose of 400mg/ml showed 24.2%, when compared to Standard drug at 40mg/ml showed (Aspirin) 21.5%.                    

Tinospora cordifolia plant metabolites possess TFC, TPC, DNA nicking assay, and heat induced hemolysis in human RBC membrane models respectively. Since this plant extract were the potential source of natural favonoids and polyphenols with a wide range of biological activities, with a promising AOA and further, the active components can serve as a beneficial sources for anti inflammatory activities 

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