Determining Firms Preparedness for Adoption of Cloud Computing

Mr. Maxwell Mago, Ms. Teurai Matekenya, Dr. D. Madzikanda


Cloud computing is a new approach to securing information and communication services, on-demand, eliminating the costly requirement to install and own the necessary infrastructure and/or facilities. In order to successfully attain the accruable benefits from the technology paradigm shift, scholars suggest that firms need to be adequately prepared. The aim of this study is to investigate the level of preparedness required by firms before they can embark upon the exercise. To satisfy the exploratory nature of the study, the researchers applied a quantitative approach, using a multiple-case strategy on fifteen organizations that have or intend to migrate to the cloud. It was established that amongst the other variables that determine the firms preparedness for adopting cloud computing, cost issues are the most influential. The established recommendation was that firms would be better prepared for the adoption of the cloud in Zimbabwe if they consider all the constructs studied in this research; particularly cost related matters as they are the most influential.

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