Role of Self-Efficacy and Perfectionism in Predict Of Social Adjustment

Bita Sarpoulaki, Parisa Kolahi


The study aimed to explain the social compatibility on the basis of efficacy and Perfectionism of couples in Garmsar city. For this purpose, 250 married individuals (125 couples) were selected  by using available sampling method of Garmsar city. In order to measure the variables of self-efficacy questionnaire of Shrerzh and  et al was used Terry-Short and et al perfectionist and social adjustment Bell. To analyze the data were used Pearson correlation and multivariate regression. The results showed that: 1) there is a significant relationship between self-efficacy and social adjustment. ) there is a significant relationship between perfectionism (positive and negative) and social adjustment. 3) Self-efficacy and positive perfectionism are able to predict changes in social adjustment.

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