Operating modes of Seamless Transfer Control Strategy for Fuel Cell Uninterruptible Power Supply System

B.(PE) .Adinarayana, M. Diva Sirvadam


: Due to the long cold start time and slow dynamics ofProton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell (FC) stack.Operating Modes transfer control strategy for fuel cell uninterruptible power Supply (FC-UPS) is different from the traditional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. In this paper, a seamless transfer control strategy, which is suitable for FC-UPS, is proposed. The power conversion techniques architecture of FC-UPS is presented with the characteristic analysis of PEMFC and the requirements of UPS. Characteristic analysis of PEMFC and the requirements of UPS. Then, the scheme of the seamless transfer control strategy is investigated. The proposed seamless transfer control strategy is not only capable of guaranteeing the uninterruptible load voltage, but also protectingFC against the power demands beyond its allowable bandwidth. During the transition for long lifespan and safety. Finally, the control scheme has been verified on a 10-KW FC-UPS prototype.

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