Morphometric Analysis of Kumaradhara River Basin, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Dr. HG Umeshchandra, Vijay Kumar C


Drainage basin morphometry is a quantitative way of describing the characteristics of the surface form of a drainage basin and provide important information about the region’s topography and underlying geological structures. It plays an important role in hydrological investigations for delineating zones of adequate groundwater potential and selecting sites for construction of artificial recharge structures. In present study an attempt has been made to discover the stream properties of Kumaradhara River Basin, Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka, using the various stream attributes such as the areal and linear parameters. The basin is having nineteen sub basins among them two are perennial. The parameters such as the drainage density, Drainage texture, form factor and circulatory ratio etc., have been determined. The basin is having elongated shape and coarse drainage texture indicates that the basin is in between the youth and the mature stage.

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