Security and Sporadic Surveillance System at High Clearance Zone Using Sensor Activated Camera

Aakash Dave, Pranav Sinha, Suraj Pramod Patil, Suyash .


A State-of-Art security solution for high clearance/Tension zones. This powerful Device is compatible of detecting any disturbance or object in a restricted area. A device to secure any region or confinement which is to be protected with the minimal use of man power and capital and at the same time maximize the security.

 The system consists of multiple object detection sensors such as PIR sensors, IR sensors, Thermal Detectors etc connected series. Each set of such sensors will be assigned to a camera that is capable of computing the differences by the frames captured. If any disturbance is created, the camera then check for its general parameters of authentication such as; if the object that is detected is a human or not. If human then, does he have necessary authorization to enter that area, or is he in the wanted list of database of International/National criminals. If any suspicion is obtained this information is sent to a PTZ camera which can check for the detailing of the information gathered by the sensors and the other cameras. All these hardware components are interfaced with Raspberry Pi along with Image  Processing Software.  The information gathered is then sent to a centralized secure server or cloud. To Obtain this level of performance, best of the algorithms, facial detection and recognition techniques, efficient sensing techniques, platforms and most convenient deployment base are selected

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