Implementation of Electronic Accounting System in Business Environment

Ibrahim Mustafa Khudir


This paper will determine the conventional electronic based information system which was used for accounting and finance purpose; it is also called as Accounting Information system (AIS) (Romney and Steinbart, 2006). The purpose is to deliver a system which comprises of certain qualities such as, the domain of business areas by understanding its relevant requirements and loopholes (Carrington, Battersby and Howitt, 2006). Accounting Information System also determines any potential benefits it can provide to that precise domain and to overall organization. Furthermore, in this paper, all factors which have influence and are capable to affect the component of information system are briefly discussed.

Accounting Information System is a devoted system whose prime purpose is to gather accounting data. After the data is gathered, it is transformed in a more meaningful information which can be used by the user (external user and internal user). The information which is produced by Accounting Information System can assist a user to administer their business operation in more effective and efficient way by executing relevant strategies (Information technology, 2012). However, AIS can be designed in manual form by using conventional way of recording and processing transaction of business with the help of pen and paper (Gelinas, Sutton and Oram, 2003).

 In modern days, this terminology of Accounting Information System specifies to those systems’ which are based on the computer that has the tendency to converge the capacity of information technology along with the principal and practices of traditional accounting. ont-family:"Times New Roman","serif"; mso-bidi-font-weight:bold'>


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