Enhanced Life Time of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Dual Hop Clustering

Jubair Ahmed, Manikandan. V, R. Sathishkumar


Wireless sensor node is popular methods used to create mobile network. The  approach for the mobile users to collect data over a long communications. Wireless Sensor Network designs consist of static nodes which are closely positioned completed a sensing area on clustering of nodes and mobile data are collecting. A clustering algorithms done clustering and data aggregation for sensor network. A WSN lifetime is dependent on the energy of individual sensor nodes therefore efficient utilization of each node’s energy is a vital issue.Dual cluster heads are implemented by using the load balancing algorithm for the saving the energy of nodes . Multiple cluster heads and sink also used in this approach to reduce energy Consumption of each nodes. Data aggregation from the all nodes given to the sink and node life time increased then whole  network life time also increased. 

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