Design and Manufacturing of Knuckle for an Electric All-Terrain Vehicle

J. Sri Harsha, N. S. K. Teja, A V R K Teja, D. V. Kumar Reddy, E. Bhargav Sai


:  A knuckle is a primary component in the wheel assembly of the vehicle which supports the tie rod, brake caliper, & wheel to give stability. The critical part in the knuckle is the steering control arm. Stresses are more due to wheel toe in and toe out as the wheel travel is more for all-terrain vehicles. In this work the knuckle is designed for good factor safety and then manufactured using CNC machinery. The knuckle is modeled in Solid works software and the analysis is carried out in Ansys workbench. The knuckle is tested under different loading conditions like Bump, Cornering and Braking. For carrying out the analysis two types of materials are chosen. They are Al-6082-T6 and Grey Cast iron. After analysis the material that has less deformation and good factor of safety is selected and further the manufacturing process was done.

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