Schools Of Thought on Indian Historiography - An Interpretation.

Dr. Y. Ramesh


The study of history as a scientifically developed discipline began only in the 19th century. It was only then that the historians tried to absorb the lessons of early historical writings and could develop new methods and techniques. It was during this venture to know the art of historical writing of the earlier period did historiography emerged as a part of history. Historiography simply means the history of the art of historical writing. In other words, it is the history of history or the history of historical thought. As we know the colonial modernity and knowledge which brought a historical sense to Indians. Systematic historical writing began in India during the early period of British colonialism. The earliest and one of the positive results of British conquest was the recovery of ancient Indian history on modern lines of historiography. It was essential to them to know about the past, society and culture, and establish their authority over India. It was an outcome of the administrative necessity of the Britishers also. The rulers encouraged those who shown interest in the past, resulted the investigation of the past and bringing up of new interpretations and perceptions 

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