Automatic Oil Packing Machine Using Pneumatic System

Christysofi. M, Murugeswari. M, Gurubalan. R, Balasubramanani. P, Maheswari. M


The packaging industry has advanced over the few years. The pouch packaging machines also known as Form Fill and Seal Machines (FFS Machines) are available over a wide capacity range. In existing system the pouch packing process has been done using gear and cam system. This system requires frequent maintenance in magnetic clutch because of overheating. A low cost automated packing machine can be used by small enterprises which would help to reduce their cost of the plant. This low cost automated machine uses simple pneumatic, mechanical and electrical systems. This project presents one such low cost pouch packing machine and also an additional weighing and pouring mechanism has been added to increase the accuracy of the system. Various processes involved in the pouch packaging are neatly aligned and properly timed to get optimum production rate. A mechactronics system, developed for this machine, which takes feedback from sensors and accordingly controls the manipulators has been introduced in this paper. The expected outcome of the system is number of pouch packing is increased.  A detailed cost comparison between a conventional machine and the one developed by us has been presented.

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