A review on VM migration in Cloud Computing

Parminder Kaur, Amritpal Kaur


Modern Cloud Data Centers exploit virtualization for efficient resource management to reduce cloud computational cost and energy budget. Virtualization empowered by virtual machine (VM) migration meets the ever increasing demands of dynamic work load by relocating VMs within Cloud Data Centers. VM migration helps successfully achieve various resource management objectives such as load balancing, power management, fault tolerance, and system maintenance. However, being resource-intensive, the VM migration process rigorously affects application performance unless attended by smart optimization methods. Furthermore, a Cloud Data Centre exploits server consolidation and DVFS methods to optimize energy consumption.

ds. supported this increase, there's have to be compelled to optimally allot cloud resources thus on make sure that users perceived satisfaction is secured. This work is AN exposé on the challenges of resource allocation in cloud computing and works exhausted order to surmount these challenges.


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