Web Based College Information Monitoring System using Java (DigiCampus)

Prafulla S. Yevale, Miss. Mohini R. Malpure, Ram S. Varma, Miss. Kirti P. Wadje


: As we know the process of manual work that has been carried out across almost all educational institutes. A paper based approach is followed for profile forms, marking attendance, report generation, where the students fill up the form and sign on the attendance sheets manually; teachers generate various reports by following manual system. This data is then manually entered into the system. Managing the profile and attendance of the students during lectures and generating the results is a difficult task and it becomes more difficult during the report generation phase and manual attendance monitoring produces errors and also wastes a lot of time. Today, we need not maintain pen and paper based registers for student/staff information management. For this reason, the development of this application is come into existence using Java and Android platform. Maintaining all the information of the student like profile, account, library, attendance and the information of the staff/other members of the college on the web is safer, reliable and remotely accessible. The aim of the proposed system will be to maintain all the data on the web for reducing manual works of the college staff members and providing centralized data organization for maintaining all the data.

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