A Peep in to the Tribal Problems of Wayanad with Special Reference to Kattunayakas

Prasanth P


Wayanad is an icon of Kerala for its geographical peculiarities. It is a nerve centre of tribes in Kerala with thirteen tribal groups including particularly vulnerable tribes. Tribes are homogenous ethnic group with a specific sense of identity based on common language and culture. In the present scenario the de notified nomadic and semi nomadic tribes are the worst victims of neglect and oppression. Some of these communities are far away from receiving the benefit of freedom and social justice even though they are classified as scheduled tribes.

                It is a matter of common knowledge that a number of welfare works under taken by the Govt. failed in the beginning. One of the reasons attributed to it was that the Govt. officials tried to push a programme ignoring the fact that it can have any diverse effect on other aspects of life. Therefore development among them is a challenging task to the Govt. Problems like land alienation and indebtedness, loss of access and control over the forest, involuntary displacement due to development project and lack of rehabilitation, ineffective implementation of panchayath acts, poor programme delivery on health and education and the welfare measures implemented for these groups are either have not reached them or irrelevant in their context. Thus it is really important that how we are going to help them, means and ends both should be viewed as interdependent. Thus tribal development is a burning question in Wayanad.

This paper is an attempt to reveals the tribal developmental problems of Wayanad from a historical point of view. 

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