A Study to Identify the Factors Affecting the Quality of Work Life in Small Scale Industries

Dr. Devendra S. Verma, Atul Kumar Doharey


IN Today‘s era every organization work on the quality of work life in small scale industries and service sector. Quality of work life is a policy to increase the strategies and focus is on the potential of these policies to influence employees. Quality of work life is useful for workers to use their potential to maximum extend. Quality of work life helps to the employees to maintain work life balance with equal attention on their performance and commitment to work. Quality of work life helps to employees    for their job satisfaction and work place environment. Quality of work life helps to the employees to safe their job in any organization. This study is done in small scale industries at macro level in INDORE DISTRICT IN MADHYA PRADESH. In small scale industries various employees wants to job satisfaction, bonus, good working condition and leave according to the employee. In small scale industries lower position employee are not  involve  in   any decision made by management .a good quality of work  life help to the employee for provide training  by the industries .a good quality of work life help to employee  for their job security  and social  integration are having positive impact  on quality of work life in small scale industries .quality of work life play a important role between employees and their organization  in small scale industries . Small scale industries are important part of Indian economy. IN India most of the people depend in agriculture but now a day’s people work in small scale industries. For our study purpose only primary data collected through questionnaire and secondary data collected through journal and websites.

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