Blood Coagulation Parameters and Platelet Count in Pregnant Women Treated With Lactoferrin

Salwa Samir Anter


: Bovine lactoferrin has important role in regulating iron homeostasis,anti-inflammatory effect as well as therapeutic  treatment of preterm labor as regarded its coagulation effect it acts as two faces as prothrombotic and antithrombotic in different circumstances and no study was done on the effect of lactoferrin on coagulation during pregnancy. in this study we compared between coagulation profile and platelet count in pregnant women in the last trimester treated with lactoferrin  with non lactoferrin treated pregnant women and also compared with the normal reference of pregnancy in the third trimester and  whatever the results either prothrombotic or antithrombotic or no effect on coagulation profile aiming of this study to grade against coagulation complication of lactoferrin and to be useful of its coagulation benefit .90 pregnant women in the last trimester divided into group (A) 45 cases treated with lactoferrin, group (B) 45 cases without lactoferrin treated . Blood samples were taken and the level of coagulative parameters as bleeding time, clotting time, prothrombin time, active thromboplastin time, and platelet count were measured and compared between the two groups and  between the  normal reference of pregnancy in the third trimester also, evaluated maternal and fetal complication as regarded coagulation complication as bleeding or thromboembolism or the coagulation benefit . the resulted in lactoferrin treated group Prothrombin time 12.5 ± 0.96 seconds and APTT 31.16 ± 2.83 second  ,bleeding time  3.09 +0.87,clotting time6.08 ±0.47,Platelet 221.57 ± 62.64 × 109 is prolonged than non lactoferrin groups ,Prothrombin time 12.4 ± 0.86seconds and APTT ,29.2±2.35.second , bleeding time  2.94 ±0.36, clotting time ,6.08 ±0.47 , Platelet220.00±30.35 with . also compared the results with normal reference of pregnancy in last trimester  are within upper normal range, with no coagulation complication as thrombosis or bleeding . This research paper concludes that in lactoferrin treated pregnant in third trimester coagulation parameters and platelet count were within upper normal range of pregnancy in  the third trimester without coagulation complication as bleeding or thromboembolismin ,but  other benefit obtained during treatment as correction of anemia and treated  of preterm labor, immunodulation ,ant oxidation ,treatment of preeclampsia in combination with antihypertensive drug

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