Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate by Waste Tyre Rubber and Fine Aggregate by Waste Glass

Deepak Parakh, Amit Harde, Atul Naykodi, Rohan Kadam, Pravin Shelke


Disposal of waste glass and worn out tires has become measure issue in India in the past few years as it has very few uses, and if new tires are to be produced from waste rubber then it has to be melted and remolded. This process intern increases pollution and releases toxic gases in the air, which are harmful to the environment as well as living creatures. The main constituent of glass is silica; hence it can be helpful in AAR which take place in all types of concrete.

Natural coarse aggregate are extracted from quarries and a result this quarries will soon be depleted in few decade if the rate of their uses continuous at this pace .As a result there was a need of permanent solution to this perpetual problem. Keeping this view the feasibility of use of waste tires as replacement of coarse aggregate and waste glass replacement of fine aggregate in road construction has been experimentally assessed in this project. Basic mechanical and physical test have been carried out on aggregates. Whereas in case of fine aggregates, blocks were casted and tested compressive strength.

The experimental results by replacement of coarse aggregate up to 15% by waste tire have shown remarkable improvement in the physical properties of coarse aggregate. The experimental results also stated that fine aggregate can be replaced up to 10% by waste glass.

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