Content Based Video Retrieval System Using ODBTC

Kajal Koravi, Vaibhav Ashok Ghodekar, Agrani Shingade, Prof. Pushpa Mandal


As text based retrieval system shifts to content based retrieval system there is large demand for content based video retrieval system, this paper presents approach to content based video retrieval (CBVR) using low complexity order dither block truncation coding (ODBTC), and ODBTC generates color co-occurrence feature (CCF) and bit pattern feature (BPF) to index an image. Proposed system includes similarity measurement technique which using Euclidean Distance by which system will give most similar video in which first video will get convert into number of frames that is feature extraction will done by ODBTC after conversion of video into number of frames.

To overcome problem of searching videos from large database content based video retrieval system provides high precision video to the query video as per users demand.

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