Incorporation of Fruit Powders and Candies in Development of Value Added Products - A Review

Aanchal Johari, Asha Kawatra


Fruits contain a number of essential vitamins and minerals that cannot be found in other types of foods or they may contain higher levels of these nutrients than other foods.  Fruits are highly seasonal and available in plenty at particular times of the year. During peak season, the price decreases and a glut in the market may result in the spoilage of large quantities. To avoid this glut spoilage, the fruits can be processed into various products like fruit powder, candy, jelly, jams etc. Fruit powder used in development of value added products contribute significantly to the therapeutic as well as nutritive value. Development of value added products based on fruit powders and candies have excellent flavor and very attractive color along with helping in overcoming the post harvest losses as well as contribute in improving the health status of people.

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