Design and Implementation of Konkani Text to Speech Generation System using OCR Technique

John Colaco, Sangam Borkar


: India is a country of having multi spoken languages and there is a need in digitization of books and documents and conversion of this text of these books and documents into speech. This paper envisages on design and implementation of Text to Speech system for English and Konkani language using image recognition technology (Optical Character Recognition) and to develop a cost effective text image to speech conversion system using MATLAB. The main aim of this project is to recognize the text character of   an image and convert this text into speech signal. To achieve this, text contained in the page is first pre-processed. The pre-processed unit prepares this text for recognition. Then this text is segmented to separate out the characters from each other. After Segmentation, letters are extracted and resized and stored them in the text file. This process is done with the help of MATLAB. This text is then converted into speech. This paper also uses Devanagri script.

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