Manufacturing of Disc Brake Rotor Using Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite (AMMC) reinforced with Silicon Carbide

Parth S. Joshi, Kiran C. Hegade, Apoorv S. Kulkarni, Omkar V. Karale


This paper deals with the   manufacturing of disc brake rotor using AMMC. AMMC is the combination of aluminium and silicon carbide along with small quantity of other material like magnesium, aluminium oxide, graphite which are added in precise quantity to enhance the chemical, mechanical and thermal strength of material. The whole process is carried out in controlled environment. Gravity die casting is the suitable process used for the purpose. Pre-processing of additives are carried out precisely. Stir casting is one of the economical and extensively used methods to enhance attractive properties of AMC’s. This paper presents an overview of stir casing process, process parameter and preparation of AMC using aluminium alloy as matrix phase and alumina (Al2O3) as reinforcement

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