The Moderating Role of Stress Coping Styles on the Relationship between Fear of Intimacy and Marital Problems

Azin Ghezelbash, Mohammad Ali Besharat, Mehran Sardaripour


The current research was performed with the purpose of examining the adjusting role of the methods of dealing with stress in relation with fear of intimacy and problems of marital. 150 triables from married students (76 woman, 74 man) at two levels of  Bachelor's and Master's degree participated in this research. It was asked from the participants to complete the scales of marital problems of Gloomberg-Rust (GRIM), fear from intimacy (FIS), styles of coping with stress (TCSS). The data was analyzed using the step by step multiple regression analysis method. The results of the research showed that the problem-focused coping style in the relation of fear of intimacy and marriage problems has a moderator  role. Between the positive emotion focused style with fear of intimacy and marital problems no relations existed. According to the results of this research we can conclude with increase in the problem focused-coping style and decrease in the negative emotion-focused style, fear of intimacy and marriage problems decrease.

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