Lipid Profile in the Y-organ of Fresh Water Crab Barytelphusa Guerini

Dr. Mrs Tasneem Jahan, Dr. Mrs K Tabassum, Mrs. Sylaja


Crustaceans are important  constituents of aquatic  ecosystems and used as food throughout the world. They are used as bio monitors and bio indicators. The Y-organs of crustaceans are classical non-neural endocrine glands. They are paired and lobulated structures and are located ventrolaterally to the eye sockets. The Y-organs of crustaceans secrete ecdysteroids (moulting homone) which play a crucial role in the moulting and growth of crustaceans. Lipids are a major source of energy in marine invertebrates are involved in several essential processes for their growth, molting and reproduction. The lipid is mobilized from the hepatopancreas to meet the energy demands of all those processes resulting in ecdysis .

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