Services Display and Live chat on Magento E-Commerce Website

Suman Yaligar, Karuna G


Abstract : Now days an increasing the usability of e-commerce website we need to improve the quality of services to the customer. To improve the quality of service to the customer we need to add some extra features to the website like live chat and services display in e-commerce website. Live chat provides quick solution to the customer problems. It increases number of customer to the website; it also provides reliable communication, flexibility and user interaction. Using this live chat we can enhance our site thoroughly and we can give best customer support website to the user. We can give services to the customer by displaying the service location through map in the website. This paper tells about how to display services through map and how to add live chat to the magento e-commerce website to increase the quality of services to the customer. To build this e-commerce website magento is one of the best platforms.

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