An Analysis of Low- Temperature Resistivity of a Metal Having Magnetic Impurities

Amarendra Rajput, Senamaw Mequanent, Getachew Abebe


This paper presents the microscopic theory of low-temperature resistivity level of a metal that encompasses the magnetic impurities that utilize the second quantization technique and the theory of timedependent perturbation up to the second order in the Hamiltonian's spin-exchange. The calculation of the scattering transition rate is in the first and second order estimates bearing in mind the processes of non-spin-flip and spin-flip. During the second-order spin-flip calculation, there is the exposure of the Kondo effect. Additionally, after the calculations and the exposure of the Kondo effect, the results are in support of the experimental observations.


Second quantization, Fermi’s golden rate, transition rate of scattering, spin-exchange interaction

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